about the team

Patrick Belcour

Center Manager and Veterinarian

Since graduating in 1985,
Dr Belcour first opened his first practice in the Waterloo Center, which he will develop over several years to become the Petcare Center that you know today.
Its goal is to bring together in this concept all the practices and care essential for the good health and well-being of our animals.

Specialized in Emergencies, Internal Medicine and Ultrasound, he has been following a diploma course in Surgery since 2019 and continues to train in order to perfect his knowledge of this vast sector of Veterinary Medicine.

Charlotte nauche

Veterinary Assistant

also passionate about animals and their well-being, I first followed a first aid training for dogs and cats in March 2017. Then I finished my training as a veterinary assistant in November of the same year. In order to gain experience and ensure the best care for your animals, I have done different types of internships. First at the “Sans Collier” refuge, followed by a second at the wildlife rehabilitation center called “Birds Bay”. We then followed the stauges in different veterinary clinics.
Wishing to follow the example of the veterinarians with whom I work, I continue to train regularly and am currently a behaviorist for dogs and cats.

I am here to cuddle and pamper your animals, whenever I have the chance. If ever my photo is not enough for you to recognize me, I am like chihuahuas; small and sweet, but with a strong character!

Jolan johnson

NAC veterinarian

La passion du Docteur Johnson pour les NAC a commencée lors de ses stages de dernières années aux États-Unis. Après avoir terminé ses études, il a tout de suite commencé un internat spécialisé d'un an en NAC, pour se familiariser avec ces animaux particulièrement attachants. Une fois son internat terminé, il a travaillé en tant que collaborateur dans une clinique exclusive NAC dans le Nord de la France pendant plus de 3 ans.

Le voici maintenant à votre disposition dans le Centre Vétérinaire Petcare de Waterloo afin d'apporter tous les soins nécessaires au bien-être de vos nouveaux animaux de compagnie.
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