Veterinary Practice PETCARE

Dr Belcour

2 Chemins des noces
1410 Waterloo


Without appointment

Monday 9h - 10h and 17h - 19h
Tuesday 17h - 19h
Thursday  17h - 19h
Friday 9h - 10h

Daily by appointment outside office hours

Timetable for food

Monday 9h - 12h and 16h - 19h
Tuesday 9h - 12h and 16h - 19h
Thursday 9h - 12h and 16h - 19h
Friday 9h - 12h and 16h - 19h
Saturday from 10h to 12h

Not Wednesday

Offered Services 

  • Consultations (appointments by phone or email)
  • Surgery with anesthetic gas and advanced monitoring :

The most complex surgeries are performed in our facilities : Orthopedics (cruciate ligament rupture, fractures, herniated discs,...). Brachycephalic breeds (Bulldogs: soft palate' length rectification). Surgery on 'New Pets' ( Ferrets, rodents, ...)

  • X-ray and ultrasound (also cardiac and abdominal)
  • Laboratory blood tests: 

hematology and biochemistry on site . 

  • Hospitalization :

a veterinary nurse cares for your faithful companions. At night, the veterinarian who sleeps there, is always ready to intervene.

  •  Sales of nutritional responses:

after identifying specific needs of your animal: both physiological and dietetics. Loyalty cards available.

Orders are prefered by INTERNET, 24h in advance :